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Report: The Most Expensive Home for Sale in Each State

While it’s safe to say that the price of real estate has gotten, well, pricey in recent years, the cost of a home varies greatly from state to state. Nowhere is that more evident than in looking at the mansions across America.

A recent report from, a real estate listings site, shows the most expensive home on the market in each state.

The site compiled the properties from an analysis of its database, brokerages and articles on verified luxury listings. The prices listed below were current as of June 15, 2022.

What Is the Most Expensive Home for Sale in Each State?

1. California33550 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu$225,000,000
2. New York700 Meadow Lane, Southampton$175,000,000
3. Florida18 La Gorce Circle, Miami Beach$170,000,000
4. Nevada1730 Hwy 50, Glenbrook$100,000,000
5. Washington3858 Hunts Point Rd, Hunts Point$85,000,000
6. Oregon27280 NE Old Wolf Creek Road, Prineville$65,000,000
7. Connecticut450 Brickyard Road, Woodstock$60,000,000
8. Hawaii9 Bay Dr, Lahaina$59,500,000
9. Colorado1650 McLain Flats Road, Aspen$55,000,000
10. Tennessee1304 Chickering Rd, Nashville$50,000,000
11. Utah533 N Left Fork Hobble Creek Rd, Springville$48,000,000
12. Illinois1932 N Burling Street, Chicago$45,000,000
13. Texas12400 Cedar Street, Lake Travis$45,000,000
14. Montana405 Delrey Road, Whitefish$40,000,000
15. Massachusetts41 Jefferson Avenue, Nantucket$39,000,000
16. Virginia700 Bulls Neck Rd, McLean$39,000,000
17. Indiana10285 W Youth Camp Road, Columbus$30,000,000
18. Arizona20958 North 112th Street, Scottsdale$28,000,000
19. New MexicoZorro Ranch, Stanley$27,500,000
20. Pennsylvania500 Walnut Street, Unit 2500-2600 Philadelphia$27,000,000
21. Kentucky30 Bass Ct N, Whitesville$25,000,000
22. New Jersey48 Rio Vista Dr, Alpine
275 Indian Trail Drive, Franklin Lakes
23. Maryland1604 Winchester Rd, Annapolis$24,900,000
24. District of Columbia2425 Foxhall Rd NW, Washington$20,000,000
25. South Carolina133 Flyway Drive, Kiawah Island$20,000,000
26. Idaho105 Camas Rd, Ketchum$19,750,000
27. New Hampshire144 Springfield Point Rd, Wolfeboro$19,500,000
28. West Virginia4428 Irish Heights Dr, Summersville$19,500,000
29. Wyoming6160 W Lazy H Rd, Wilson$19,500,000
30. Rhode Island2 Kidds Way, Westerly$18,500,000
31. Georgia120 Hawkins Lane, Saint Simons Island$17,800,000
32. Vermont506 North Hill Road, Stowe$16,000,000
33. Oklahoma3105 S Peoria Avenue, Tulsa$15,000,000
34. Louisiana11001 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge$14,000,000
35. North Carolina1 Auditorium Circle, Wrightsville Beach$13,900,000
36. Alabama2510 Kirby Bridge Rd, Decatur$12,300,031
37. Mississippi205 S Valley Rd, Poplarville$12,250,000
38. Minnesota36463 Butternut Point Road, Pequot Lakes$12,000,000
39. Iowa16216 and 1615 IA-86, Spirit Lake$11,900,000
40. Wisconsin9095 Cottage Row Rd, Fish Creek$11,900,000
41. Michigan1558 Dutton Rd, Rochester$11,500,000
42. Maine153 Foreside Road, Falmouth$10,500,000
43. Missouri2608 & 2606 Arrowhead Estates Rd, Village of Four Seasons$9,999,999
44. Alaska5260 Kachemak Dr, Homer$9,000,000
45. Arkansas115 West Van Buren, Eureka Springs$7,000,000
46. Ohio2779 Som Center Rd, Hunting Valley$6,950,000
47. South Dakota13911 Cobb Road, Hermosa$6,900,000
48. Kansas1051 N Blackstone Rd, Milton$6,700,000
49. North Dakota14388 45th Street NW, Williston$4,999,900
50. Delaware21440 Bald Eagle, Rehoboth Beach$4,850,000
51. Nebraska17426 Island Circle, Bennington, Douglas County$3,750,000

To Buy a Home or Not To Buy a Home

Mansions aside, you may be contemplating whether it makes sense to jump into this crazy housing market or continue to rent. In a recent podcast, money expert Clark Howard said, "It really depends on your particular market."

Clark advises you to look up the real estate prices in the entire metro area of your target market to determine whether it makes sense to buy a home there.

“Even in an expensive metro area, there are huge variations of what prices are on homes from one part of an expanded metro area to another,” he says.

“Where normally I say, ‘Go find a part of town that you like and then start looking for a home,’ now I say, ‘Do the opposite.’ Go look at what prices are in different parts of town, and find the lowest-cost part of town that you’d be happy living in. That’s where you should be doing your search for a home.”

Here’s Clark’s step-by-step process on how to buy a home.

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