‘He failed:’ Family of civilian found dead on Guantanamo Bay speaks about the Captain on base

Family of Chris Tur searching for closure

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In January 2015, Christopher Tur was found drowned in the waters off Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

To this day, mystery surrounds his death. No one knows the circumstances, though he was found with multiple broken ribs and cuts on his face.

Tur’s death set off an investigation that uncovered lies by the base commander, Capt. John Nettleton, who had a brief affair with Tur’s wife.

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Less than 48 hours before Tur’s death, he and Nettleton got into a fight -- something Nettleton tried to hide.

Testimony revealed while at a party at a club on base, Tur confronted Nettleton about being close with his wife.

The two argued, but Nettleton went home. Tur then went to the home, where they fought,

The next morning, Tur was reported missing and a basewide search was ordered by Nettleton.

The affair and the fight are somethings Nettleton was never forthcoming about to Navy investigators, who said he lied to Navy prosecutors in an effort to cover up his affair with Tur’s wife.

Tur’s sister, Aline Byrnes, said Nettleton failed her brother.

“He failed, as a person. He failed as a husband, as a father, as a friend and failed most importantly as a commander on base. Commander on base is supposed to protect everyone on that base and he failed to do that,” Byrnes said.

Nettleton was found guilty on six charges in the obstruction of justice case that played out against him in federal court.

Still questions surrounding Tur’s death remain. His family doesn’t believe his death was an accident or suicide.

“Our opinion, and it’s just an opinion, is Christopher was killed by Nettleton,” Mike Tur, Tur’s brother, said.

No one has been charged in Turs murder as of Monday.

The Tur family attorney John Phillips has drafted a civil suit against the Navy and Department of Defense.

“The basis here is it took five years for this family to get any information. Sadly, they had to learn about conspiracy and coverup at trial.” Phillips said.

For the Turs, the conviction is a step in the right direction, now they are working to restore their brother’s name.

“No one won that day.” Byrnes said.

Nettleton is scheduled to be sentenced in the next 90 days.