Truth Test: Biden Campaign Ad Targets Seniors

Florida — It’s a political ad targeted at Florida. The ad from the Biden campaign features two retirees from The Villages. But, does it go too far with its assertions?

The opening shots set the scene.

“Roger and I decided we wanted to move to the villages. We were ready to retire.”

This ad, shot in Central Florida goes right after a key Florida voting bloc. It features seniors and one key issue, COVID-19.

“My husband and I are both concerned about the virus and catching it.”

The ad then shows the couple’s grandchildren, with the couple saying they have been apart from the kids for six-months.

Then comes the first claim.

“While I don’t blame Donald Trump for the virus I blame him for his lack of action.”

But is this fair?

“I think this is a resonant issue for a lot of older voters,” said UCF political science professor John Hanley. “They are harmed by the coronavirus even if they are not getting the coronavirus, because they cannot live the kind of lives they were living before.”

Hanley notes, polls have shown Joe Biden performing better than Donald Trump with seniors, a group Trump won in 2016

As for COVID-19, a survey from Eschelon Insights shows Biden getting higher marks on the ability to handle the pandemic.

This is an idea that the ad closes on.

Overall, we rate this ad mostly true. It is just one person’s testimonial, but the available data, for now seems to support her assertions.