Facebook group connects families to farmers with surplus due to coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic: Local volunteers are trying to connect excess crops with customers

FLORIDA — A local volunteer is connecting the farmer coronavirus has left with surplus to those in need.

Pictures are showing mounds of crops left out to rot.

On photograph shows zucchini and squash piled high in south Florida -- it’s happening on thousands of acres across the state.

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Volunteer Sherry J. Hill said, “I saw the big mounds of zucchini and the tomatoes -- it takes months and hours and so much labor to get that that product out of the field.”

Recently, the Florida Department of Agriculture created a Florida Farm to You web page to bridge the gap between farmers with surplus and customers.

Hill took the effort and made it local.

Hill told Action News Jax, “The restaurants that were coming in to take their part of the crops and the school that were coming in to take the dairy -- they’re not there anymore to take those products.”

She said she wants to stop crop waste by connecting farmers to families looking to purchase food.