Florida State Rep-Elect Angie Nixon Encourages Action & Voting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — When her daughter was the target of racist cyberbullying, she helped her create the “Moxie Girl” comic book about a Black girl superhero with powers in her Afro puffs.

When single moms struggled to get supplies for their babies during Hurricane Harvey, she organized a supply drive.

Concerned about food deserts in our community, she opened a healthy smoothie and sandwich shop in Eastside Jacksonville.

She’s joined protests against racism and police brutality, went public about her battle with COVID-19 and raised concerns about how the coronavirus has disproportionately impacted the Black community.

Angie Nixon said, “I’ve done a lot. Sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough.”

Nixon’s drive to do more recently landed her a seat on Florida’s state legislature as the state representative-elect for District 14.

I decided to get involved because I know that we deserve to flourish and I ran my platform on flourishing, coming together and working together with the community and working towards what we deserve. Which is so much more than what we’ve been getting over the years,” Nixon said.

Nixon said she experienced those disparities growing up in Northwest Jacksonville and being bussed to school in Mandarin. She said, “The community looked different. The houses looked much different, bigger. The roadways looked cleaner and nicer. There weren’t potholes in the street and things like that. And so, I just knew that I wanted my community to aspire to that. I felt that we were somewhat lacking in certain areas. And so, I’ve always just wanted to do more for the community.”

Nixon has turned her years of community activism into political power. She’s encouraging everyone to exercise their personal power to vote in November – especially those who may feel overlooked and unheard.

Nixon said, “My message is if voting didn’t matter, folks wouldn’t spend billions of dollars each electoral cycle to suppress our vote or to try to get folks to vote for them.” She continued, “And so the importance of voting is - if you just look at the things that are going on now, the incident with Breonna Taylor, with George Floyd, these are the folks that are in power that determine whether or not these folks would receive justice. Our elected officials. And so if we want justice for our communities, if we want better schools for our community, better roads, better infrastructure, we have to ensure that we elect people to those positions of power to again - do the right thing by us and to get us what we deserve.”