JEA is paying attention to what’s happening in Texas and learning from it

All eyes are on Texas as an investigation gets underway to figure what went so wrong, leaving many people in the dark and in the cold.

JEA’s Vice President of Electric Systems, Ricky Erixton, said they’re paying close attention.

“We do have a regulatory body, the North America Electric Reliability Corporation. They are going to be doing an investigation into what happened and we’ll be part of the group that they will be able to share lessons learned with us,” said Erixton.

“What is JEA doing today to make sure that we will have power in the event extreme weather happens?” asked Lorena Inclán.

“One of the things we’re doing is we are examining our fuel levels,” said Erixton.

JEA is also checking its backup fuel levels to make sure there’s enough in the reserves to ride through a four- or five-day event.

“This kind of prompted us to review that what’s going on in Texas to ensure that we have the type of fuel we have for the time we need it, should an event like this happen here,” he said.