Future of FEMA supported site in Jacksonville unknown

Jacksonville, FL. — The agreement between the State and the Federal Government to run the site will end April 28th.

The Director with Florida Department of Emergency Management said the Jacksonville federally supported site is not doing as well as the Miami, Orlando, and Tampa sites.

The State will soon evaluate data for the sites and make decisions on if the sites should move or shrink in size.

“It’s possible we won’t keep open all four sites, we will look obviously at what the need it we might move it….. If we decided this is not going to make it, we can move it to another location in Jacksonville. We can also shrink this site.” Moskowitz said.

Resources could move to the State-run Regency Mall site or somewhere new.

Moskowitz added the Gateway location was picked to address need in surrounding underserved communities.

The state has requested FEMA keep the sites going but an extension to the agreement has not been made as of yet.

“If FEMA were to leave and we decided we wanted to keep the site open the State could run the site without the Federal Government help.” Moskowitz said.

If FEMA hands it over to the State, the military members on site giving the shots would be pulled out, leaving it to the State to staff.

Moskowitz added tomorrow Governor Ron Desantis will announce the opening of nine sites in minority communities throughout the State.

He anticipates Desantis will lower the age of vaccine eligibility to 40+ next week.