• Man shot, killed by woman after attacking her and her sister in Folkston home

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    CHARLTON COUNTY, Ga. - An intruder was shot dead after police say he attacked two sisters in their own home.

    Investigators say the two sisters fought back. Deputies said they got a 911 call that there was a burglary happening in the home, but when they got here, they found an unresponsive man lying at the edge of the property.

    Deputies say two sisters, ages 64 and 75, living in the home had to fight off an intruder on Tuesday night.

    They say a man named Jonathan Shellman Green came into the home and attacked the two women, but they fought back. They said one woman grabbed a gun and fired three shots.

    A woman claiming to be Green’s sister sent Action News Jax a picture of him. Neighbors say despite the commotion, they didn’t notice anything wrong until they saw flashing lights.

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    “I didn't hear anything last night, that's what blows my mind,” said Leslie Taylor.

    Folkston is a small community, and friends of the sisters stopped by to see if they were OK after the attack.

    “I wanted to check on her, she's a good sweet person,” said Denise Nixon.

    Nixon tells me, she and one of the sisters grew up together and her friend was protecting herself.

    “I'm sorry to hear what happened but we all have to be safe and look out for one another,” Nixon said.

    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said this is considered a homicide, which is a formality. While this appears to be a case of self-defense, the GBI said they will present the facts to the district attorney’s office and see if charges will be filed or not.

    We also spoke with Green’s sister who lives out of state. She said she is going to make her way down to Georgia in the next few days because she said what she was told about the story isn’t adding up.

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