• Homeowners clean up after arsons in downtown St. Augustine

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla -  Jerry Dixon owns a historic building on Cordova Street.
    The fire marshal says a fire started by an arsonist damaged the structure.
    It's just one of four structures that were damaged by fires in downtown St. Augustine Monday morning.
    A day later, Dixon is digging through the rubble for his valuables.

    "We're evaluating computers and hard drives that were damaged that are salvageable," said Dixon.

    The city says it's up to the owners of the building or home to get the damage from the fire cleaned up.

    "I have to let the insurance company finish their investigation before I can do anything else," said Dixon.

    The city says if a homeowner doesn't clean up the damage, code enforcement would step in to make sure the debris doesn't cause safety hazards.
    Dixon says after he gets a company to clear away the debris, he will rebuild.

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