Orange Park shop claims to sell over-the-counter medical marijuana

ORANGE PARK, Fla. — Action News Jax investigates a dispensary that claims to be selling over-the-counter medical marijuana products in Orange Park, yet the town still has a ban in place that puts a hold on dispensaries.

From lotions to brownies, store owner Logan Redmond claims her products containing CBD oil with .03 percent of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that causes a high, are legal.

"It's like herbal supplements, it's not like taking drugs," Redmond said.

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Redmond said she opened her doors about a week ago. CBD Dispensary is located at 418 Kingsley Ave.

Action News Jax initially sent an intern into the store undercover to scope out the products and the woman told her it's over-the-counter medical marijuana.

While the store said it’s legal, Action News Jax law and safety expert Dale Carson has a different take.

"If it has THC in it, that's a controlled Schedule 1 narcotic and it can't be sold and can't be purchased in Florida," Carson said.

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The town of Orange Park also passed a temporary ban on medical marijuana businesses that's still in place.

Action News Jax went into the store to see how they are able to operate under this ban.

After Action News Jax was initially kicked out, Redmond agreed to meet for an interview. She said under the Charlotte’s Web law, they can sell their products.

"It's good for digestion, pain, stuff like that. It's nothing to get you high," Redmond said.

But Carson said the only legal way to get medical marijuana is through a licensed physician with a prescription.

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"The concept that you could just, off the streets, walk in and over the counter obtain medical marijuana is incorrect," Carson said.

Orange Park's assistant town manager said police have investigated the shop and didn’t find anything illegal.

The owner said anyone 18 years old or older just needs to show ID and they can buy the products.