• Restaurant Report: Roach issues shut down Jacksonville sub shop

    By: Ben Becker , Action News Jax


    Two restaurants were recently shut down because of serious roach issues.

    Tunis Wings and Subs on University Boulevard was cited for having 55 live roaches in addition to  live flies and potentially hazardous food temperatures.

    It was temporarily closed for two days. The owner told Action News Jax the roaches may have gotten in through the ceiling and back door during deliveries, but the situation has been resolved. 

    Inspectors said the Courtyard Café in downtown Jacksonville was operating with an expired license.

    A health inspector also counted 70 roach droppings, plus roach activity on shelves, walls and floors. It was temporarily closed for two days.

    The Surf Restaurant and Bar in Amelia Island led the way with 27 total violations.  

    A health inspector reported an employee was touching ready-to-eat food with their bare hands. In addition, the inspector cited temperature abuse that resulted in a stop sale directive on meatballs, butter and sour cream.

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