Send Ben: Jacksonville-area bride fights to get wedding video

Action News Jax helps bring a bride and her wedding video together after almost a year apart.

Melissa Kurz was beaming on her wedding day in St. Augustine in March of 2018.

“It was the most perfect day of my life, but I’m missing the memories from it," Kurz said.

Kurz said the memories were her wedding videos that she never received.

“We still have not seen our first dance," said a saddened Kurz.

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She did receive a 3-minute trailer from videographer Kevin Remington, who identifies himself as the owner and production manager of Collab-Creation Films in Jacksonville.

Kurz paid Remington $800 for the trailer and other footage Kurz said she never received.

“Then the weeks turned into months and he slowly faded away and I didn't hear from him again," Kurz said.

Kurz sent emails to Remington in August, September, November 2018 and in February of 2019, pleading for the video of the ceremony including the full first dance, daddy-daughter dance and cake cutting.

But still no footage.

So Action News Jax Ben Becker got to work the same day he spoke with Kurz.

Ben went online and discovered Collab-Creation Films is permanently closed and state records show the last LLC filing was in February 2017.

Ben also discovered Kurz wasn't the only bride with complaints about Remington.

One review from in November 2017 says "he screens phone calls, does not return messages, promises edits to your video but does not make them, and makes the process miserable."

One review in December 2017 said "I still do not have what was promised to me."

Another review from October 2018 says "they took our money and we never got our edited footage."

The Better Business Bureau gives Collab-Creation Films an "F" rating.

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Ben wanted to give Remington every opportunity to tell his side of the story.

Ben called and went to several addresses, but a response only came after Ben contacted family members.

It was an ominous text -- sent to Kurz about Ben -- that said, "This is getting pushed too far. He says he is trying to help you? This isn't helping you. I can promise you that."

But less than an hour later, a family member then called Ben saying Remington had agreed to turn over the videos.

Kurz said Remington agreed to meet her at a gas station and she texted Ben later saying "I just got the footage."

Kurz said Remington sent her this final text  "I offer you my most sincere apologies for making you cry for 10 months. it seriously breaks my heart to know that."

“We spent two months in a dance studio choreographing our first dance,” gleamed Kurz.

Now Kurz and her husband after nearly one year have their memories and are ready to make many more.

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Ben was able to text with Remington and he maintains Kurz did not have to wait ten months for her video. Ben discovered after more research based on the timeline of the wedding and Remington’s text messages to Kurz, the videographer was right, she actually had to wait longer -- eleven months --  to get her videos.

If you have a problem getting something you paid for, you can file a complaint in small claims court. Click here for more information on how to do that in Duval County.

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