• Jacksonville Councilwoman Katrina Brown missed nearly half of all council meetings this year

    By: Jenna Bourne , Action News Jax


    When you elect a public official to represent you, you expect they’re going to show up for work.

    But an Action News Jax Investigation shows that’s not always happening on Jacksonville’s City Council.

    Council roll calls show Councilwoman Katrina Brown has missed nearly half of all council meetings this year.

    At four of the nine council meetings preceding Tuesday’s vote for council president and vice president, Brown’s chair was empty.

    “I’m busy. I’ve got to go to another meeting,” said Brown when Action News Jax tried to question her about her attendance after Tuesday’s meeting.

    Brown left the council chambers, but came back out a minute later, so Action News Jax tried asking her again.

    “Can you stop following me, please? Thank you,” said Brown.

    Roll calls show Councilman Reggie Brown has missed nine of 20 committee meetings.

    Reggie Brown was willing to answer Action News Jax’s questions.

    “I am in the Army Reserve. And so anytime that I’m not here, I submit an excuse and it would say on there, military training. And so I’m more than sure, if I’m not here, it’s because of military obligations,” said Reggie Brown.

    Council members make $44,100 a year to represent voters.

    Thirteen of Jacksonville’s 19 council members have perfect attendance for council meetings this year.

    Seven have perfect attendance for council meetings and committee meetings.

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