Jacksonville fireworks retailers recommend customers buy early amid shortage

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The 4th of July is quickly approaching and if you’re putting off shopping for fireworks until the very last minute you may find your favorite sparklers or firecrackers maybe gone.

If you visit any fireworks retail shop you may notice empty shelves. That’s because across the country retailers are facing a fireworks shortage.

Action News Jax Alicia Tarancon sheds some light on why this year fireworks retailers are seeing supply chain issues.

We spoke with customers at Superior Fireworks in Orange Park hitting the retail shops to scoop up some of their favorite fireworks.

“I know we got some mortars, some frog looking thing. I don’t know what it does but we’re going to find out,” Alex Zoschnick said.

“I bought Roman Candles and this big boy here,” Travis Robinson said.

Josh Pappas with Superior Fireworks told me his biggest advice to customers this year is shop as early as you can.

As fireworks displays were cancelled last year a record number of people spent the holiday at home setting off fireworks.

Pappas said that unexpected surge in demand depleted a lot of inventory in the U.S. that should have lasted through New Year’s putting pressure on manufacturers.

“The industry as a whole is running about 30 to 40% short which is creating a lot of problems getting selection that people may normally expect on the shelves this year.

He said shipping is another problem.

“With so many other retailers trying to bring in inventory to stock their shelves right now, we’re getting caught in capacity crunches,” Pappas said.

Despite the challenges retailers like Superior fireworks which is open year around has plenty of selections for excited shoppers looking forward to having a real Independence day this year.

“We did a little fireworks last year but this year is going to be bigger,” Robinson said.

“We’re having a giant 4th of July party,” Zoschnick said.