Jacksonville mom highlights sweet gesture by Trader Joe’s worker

A Trader Joes worker went out of his way to deliver a few items that were left behind to a customer.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A sweet gesture by a Jacksonville cashier is getting attention online.

Melissa Blum told Action News Jax that her trip to Trader Joe’s Friday started out like any other.

“We specifically went for the 21 Salute seasoning because it’s our absolute favorite. We went there and we got a bunch of other groceries,” she said.

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But when she got home, she realized the spices weren’t in her bag. She took a look at her receipt and found the cashier’s name, Mike, then called the store.

“Mike gets on the phone and he’s like, ‘Hey, I’m so sorry I forgot to put them in the bag, please let me bring to you,’” Blum said. “So I was like, ‘What? No. I don’t live around the corner Mike. Can you just leave my name on a piece of paper and the next time I'm in there, I can pick them up?’”

Blum says Mike insisted. He drove 30 minutes from the store in Mandarin to her home on Jacksonville’s Westside.

Video from her Ring camera system shows him delivering the goods, and her reaction to his sweet gesture.

“He came! When he got off work, he drove 30 minutes away to deliver $4 worth of spices,” she said. “I was like, ‘Wow. Humanity is restored. Who does that?’”

Action News Jax went by Trader Joe’s Saturday but Mike wasn’t scheduled to work. His managers said the move is not out of the ordinary for him. He has worked at the store since it opened more than two years ago.

Blum shared her gratitude on Facebook. She told Action News Jax she’s glad her 9-year-old daughter was home to witness the act of kindness.

“I just want him to be recognized, you know? He’s an amazing guy, an amazing employee, amazing customer service.”

She said she can’t wait to pay it forward to someone else.

“I believe that there is still good out there, there’s more good than bad. Always keep your eyes open for the bad obviously but recognize the good and do good for others too. Pass it along,” Blum said.