Jags fans disappointed over loss, power outage and Foles injury

Heat issues at Jaguars games

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jaguars took the “L” for the first home game of the season. On Sunday, thousands of fans left the game disappointed about the end result, but for those at home, they had even more to be disappointed about.



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“The crazy thing about the suckers over there is they can come back, and we were all hoping for it and we didn’t get to see it,” one fan, watching the game inside the Duval House, told Action News Jax.

In the final few minutes of the game, CBS Sports had an electrical issue and switched over to the Tennessee-Cleveland game.

“Due to a power outage during the Jacksonville-Kansas City game viewers were switched to the Tennessee-Cleveland game then the Buffalo-N.Y. Jets game. We regret we were unable to return the audience to their scheduled game before power was restored,” a CBS Sports spokesperson said.

Fans inside the game didn’t even know there was an outage.

“I didn’t know the power went out during the game,” one Jags fan leaving the game told us. “They [the fans at home] deserve that kind of mercy to not have to watch the rest of it.”

Despite the first loss of the season, most fans are remaining hopeful, as long as quarterback Nick Foles makes a recovery from a broken clavicle.

“If Nick Foles comes back, I think the Jaguars will be top three to win the division,” the fan said.

The Jacksonville Jaguars sent Action News Jax the following statement on the measures the team takes for games that take place during extreme heat:

"Free water was available all around the stadium including fountains and at cooling stations, and water and free cups were in stock at all stands. In addition, there were cooling buses and free ice, and Daily's Place was open for anyone who wanted to get out of the sun to watch the game on a large screen, and fans were allowed to bring an unopened bottle of water into the stadium. As in the past for early season games, precautions were taken to help fans be prepared for the heat. Three of our last four home openers have been 90 degrees or above, and we advise our fans every year and have been steadily increasing wellness and safety measures."
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