• Soda delivery truck hits building, 6 people hurt

    By: Alyana Gomez


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Coca-Cola delivery truck slammed into Discount Seafood on the outskirts of downtown Jacksonville Wednesday night, sending six people to the hospital.

    JFRD Spokesperson Tom Francis said a JTA bus was also involved in the crash, which happened around 5:15 p.m. at West Beaver Street and North Myrtle Avenue.Among the injured were five adults, including the JTA bus driver, and a teenager. Their injuries are not critical, JFRD said at the scene.

    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is handling the crash investigation, while JFRD was working to clean up a diesel spill.

    Crews removed the truck from the building shortly after 6 p.m. Once JFRD got inside to shut down and secure the water and electrical units, they realized the store had been damaged beyond repair.Now its industrial charm will have to come crumbling down, as crews began demolishing the building late Wednesday night.

    “With the heavy road traffic that comes up and down Beaver Street early in the morning, it will vibrate this building. The front of the building might collapse into the street so we want to get it down tonight,” said JFRD Chief Robin Gainey.

    Action News has learned it won't be a quick and easy demolition either. Crews will likely be faced with a bit of a challenge.

    “They did not put that building up to fall down when they put it up, so it will not come down like a house built in 1990,” Gainey said.

    Neighbors watched in horror as crews worked to pull the truck out of the seafood market that has been serving the community for 70 years.

    “It was so sad to see a truck go into the building like that,” said neighbor Cynthia Anderson.

    Once the final brick is down, Anderson said she hopes the seafood market owner Coleman Yarborough can put the pieces back together to maintain its presence in the community.

    “It can be rebuilt on that same corner because a lot of people are going to miss it,” Anderson said.

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