Labor Day COVID-19 Concerns

Labor Day COVID-19 Concerns

Jacksonville Beach, FL — Labor Day is the unofficial signal of summertime winding down. And for many families, that means a three-day weekend with fun in the sun at the beach.

Beachgoer Rob Jones said, I want to find a good parking spot. I want to beat the heat it does get hot. And I also want to avoid crowds.”

Coronavirus is still top of mind for Jones and his family. “If there is a spike in numbers, I don’t want myself or my family to be a part of it.”

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The Jacksonville Beach Police Department wants to remind beachgoers that drinking in public is not allowed, and that includes the beach.

When it comes to capacity levels at local restaurants, officers are leaving it up to individual businesses to enforce social distancing.

Several businesses in Jax Beach have signs laying out the guidelines. Only 50% capacity is allowed, customers need to wear masks, and businesses serving alcohol have to close at midnight.

Action News Jax Medical Expert, Dr. Michelle Aquino, warns that if we don’t act properly, COVID-19 numbers will rise.

“We’ve really had our big surges after Memorial Day weekend, partnered with July 4th. That’s when we really saw our numbers peak here in Jacksonville. Okay. So now our numbers are coming down,” she said. “We don’t want to not behave well this weekend. And then our numbers start trending up again.”

If businesses don’t comply with social distancing rules, there is a penalty. Law enforcement will report violators to the Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Department.