Local law enforcement taser & handgun training

Jacksonville, FL. — Kim Potter, the officer who shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright resigned Tuesday.

The shooting happened during a traffic stop outside of Minneapolis Sunday, police were attempting to arrest Wright for a warrant after pulling him over for a traffic infraction.

Police body camera footage shows Wright attempt to jump back into the car when he was shot, the officer who shot him says she meant to use a taser instead of a gun.

Dylan Bryan with the Florida Highway Patrol gave Action News Jax a closer look at training and how handguns and tasers are typically carried.

Bryan said the handgun sits on the same side as the officer or Trooper’s dominant hand. While the taser sits on the other side.

“We carry in a cross-draw fashion to reduce or eliminate the possibility of weapon confusion.” Bryan said this forces the officer to reach over the chest making it less likely to pull a gun when meaning to pull a taser.

“Even though it looks similar to a firearm it feels completely different. It doesn’t fit in your hand the same way you don’t hold it in the same capacity of your handgun.” Bryan said.