‘Don't lose that booty:' Jacksonville dental hygienist accused of kissing patient

‘Don't lose that booty:' Jacksonville dental hygienist accused of kissing patient

Alan Nazareno 

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville dental hygienist's license is in jeopardy after a patient accused him of kissing her and making comments about her body.

The victim said Alan Nazareno was inappropriate during two visits in 2017.

Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics confirmed Nazareno is still seeing patients there.

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The Order of Emergency Restriction of Nazareno’s license from the Florida Department of Health said he is still free to practice on female patients, as long as another licensed health care professional is in the room.

In the patient’s complaint last month, she said Nazareno told her, “Just don’t lose that booty.”

She also said Nazareno asked for her number, kissed her and attempted to use tongue.

When Action News Jax showed up at Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics to try to get Nazareno’s side of the story, we were asked to leave.

Nazareno’s attorney James Poindexter later called Action News Jax, saying his client denies the accusations and plans to fight the order restricting his license in court.

Nazareno’s former coworkers at Hirezi Family Dentistry, where he used to work, said they were skeptical of the accusations.

“That’s unbelievable, OK? I’m shocked because, first of all, he’s a family man,” said Hirezi Family Dentistry administrator Lottie Descallar. “To know that a regular working guy who comes here, makes a living, working on the American dream, and one accusation like that would destroy a man.”

Dr. Flor Herezi said she would rehire Nazareno.

“I cannot say what the situation [was] – I cannot. I wasn’t there. But to vouch for this man’s integrity? I will vouch for him. I will vouch for him anytime,” said Herezi.

The order restricting Nazareno’s license said a proceeding seeking formal discipline of his license will happen soon.