'Something out of a scary movie': Orange Park dad records erratic driver on interstate rampage

'Something out of a scary movie": Orange Park dad records erratic driver on interstate rampage

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax has exclusive cellphone video, recorded by an Orange Park father, of a car fishtailing near two semitrucks on a busy stretch of I-295 on Thursday night.

The man said he followed the erratic driver for miles.

He said the driver was all over the road and at one point, nearly hit a family with children.

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"[The driver was] erratic the entire time," Matthew Robling said.  "It was like I've never seen before, something out of a scary movie, almost."


In an exclusive interview, Robling said he called 911 and then started recording after the driver nearly ran him off the road.

He said the car appeared to be a gray Honda Accord.

"My fear was he was going to run someone off the road with children," Robling said.  "I didn't have my kids with me, but God forbid someone with kids was on the road."

Robling said he followed the driver off an exit. He said the driver struggled to stay on the road and nearly came to a complete stop on the ramp.

Robling said he stopped filming then, but said that's when he saw the driver make the most dangerous maneuver of the night.

"(The driver) floored it, did a U-turn, almost hit two cars, and then there was a family crossing the street, a mother, father and two small children, and he came about a foot away from hitting the kids," Robling said.  "(It was) very terrifying."

Robling said he called 911 and a dispatcher told him they would notify officers in the area.

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Still, he said, he posted the videos to social media to warn people.

His message is to be safe and alert on the road.

"It is the holidays, so people spend time with family, drink a little too much, don't realize what's going on, so be defensive. Keep an eye open," Robling said.

Action News Jax contacted the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the Florida Highway Patrol to see who responded and if any arrests were made but, due to the holiday, we never heard back.

According to FHP's website, troopers say that if you find yourself in a similar situation, you should call 911.

They also say you can also contact them by using *FHP on your phone.