• 13 people stung after Man o' War spotted at Duval beaches

    By: Beth Rousseau , Action News Jax


    Jacksonville Beach lifeguards said 13 people were stung this weekend as beachgoers notice Portuguese Man O’ Wars all over beaches in Jacksonville.

    At least 25 Man O’ Wars were seen Sunday onshore at Hanna Park, according to beachgoers.

    “They sting you and they’re jellyfish-like. They’re brightly colored and they’re blue and purple,” said beach regular Ashley Barber.

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    Man O’ War tentacles can extend up to 40 feet.

    St. Johns County Fire Rescue warned its beachgoers Saturday to watch out for an increased presence of Man O' War on St. Johns beaches.

    “Watch out where you’re stepping cause even if they’re dead they’ll sting you," Barber said. "Just make sure that you keep your kids away from them.”

    Some parents had never seen the creatures before. When one washed ashore they taught their children about the dangers.

    Some beach regulars won’t be going in the water knowing the Man O’ War are floating on the surface.

    If you are stung by this marine animal, marine officials recommend applying warm water or vinegar to the affected area.

    A sting will have the same impact on pets.

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