2-year-old caught in middle of brawl; mother says she was attacked trying to save him

Toddler caught in middle of neighborhood brawl

The Department of Children and Families said it’s looking into a fight that happened inside the Roosevelt Gardens Apartments. It’s because video footage showed a toddler in the middle of the fight.

Action News Jax spoke with the mother of the toddler. She said she was attacked by people who live in the complex.

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Tyti claims her 2-year-old son was inside the home when the fight started but he somehow managed to make his way out the apartment.

She lives in Roosevelt Gardens and said she was humiliated when she was attacked by neighbors in front of her children and it was caught on video.

“Every time I see this video on Facebook, it just makes me want to cry because, like, that's a baby,” Tyti said.


She told Action News Jax she was outside her apartment when the fight started.

“So basically, they tried to stop me from picking up this baby. And then on the video, it's people saying. 'F that baby.' How can you say that about a 2-year-old?” Tyti said.

Another woman tried to grab the child to keep him from getting hurt and she was attacked, too.

“I would never put my child in harm’s way. It was so much going on. My baby was looking for me. All he was trying to do was get to me, and when I got to my baby, I got attacked for trying to get my baby to safety,” Tyti said.

She said the majority of the people in the video were teenagers and they've been terrorizing the neighborhood. There were 60 calls for service at Roosevelt Gardens from January through May 1, of 2019  and four of them were for fights.

The Department of Children and Families is encouraging people to contact its hotline at 1-800-962-2873 or law enforcement if they have any information about what happened. Anyone giving information will remain anonymous.

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