200 Special Olympics athletes show off their skills on field in Jacksonville

Action News Jax at 11:00 PM

The rain didn't stop hundreds of Special Olympics athletes from giving it their all on the field Saturday.

The 200 athletes showed off their skills in the Summer Games at Atlantic Coast High School.

From bocce ball to track and field, they're competing in five sports for a spot in the State Games in Orlando.

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With every kick of the soccer ball, athletes and volunteers made lasting connections and memories.

“Every time I score, I just feel good about myself,” Greg Myers said.

He’s been competing in the Special Olympics for eight years, and says his favorite part is being out on the field with other athletes.

“Every single year, (I do) a different sport. I just enjoy it. That’s what Special Olympics is about,” he said.

Special Olympics Duval County gives more than 1,500 people with disabilities the opportunity to play and compete in 15 different sports year-round.

“We all have our own differences, and theirs may be a little bit more visible than ours,” Jessica Ray said.

“Special Olympics is really about breaking down those barriers, letting people from around the community know they are just as capable, if not more so.”

Ray, the director of Special Olympics Duval, said they're always looking for volunteers. You can play alongside athletes as a "unified partner" or help coach a team.

Read more about volunteer opportunities on their website.