3 things to stop recycling in Jacksonville right now

3 things to stop recycling in Jacksonville right now

Some of the items you think you can put in your recycling bin to help the environment may actually make things worse.

One item Jacksonville recycling contractor Republic Services wants people to stop recycling right now is Styrofoam, including Styrofoam egg containers.

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“While it does have a number four on it right here and it does say that it’s recyclable, at this facility, we are not able to recycle this material,” said Republic Services’ Jacksonville Operations Manager Kati Council.

Council said plastic bags are the biggest hassle at the sorting facility.

Workers there spend three hours a day cutting plastic bags out of the machines.

Council said aerosol cans aren’t just an inconvenience when they get stuck in the machines; they’re flammable and can be dangerous.

“It would cause a fire in the bailer. And we had several last year solely due to aerosol cans,” Council said.

She doesn’t want people to feel discouraged from recycling, she just wants to make sure what winds up in your bin is really recyclable and not just trash.

While plastic bags and Styrofoam don’t belong in your recycling bin, many grocery stores have special drop-offs where those items can get a second life.