• 32 guns stolen from unlocked cars in first 28 days of 2019

    By: Brittney Verner , Action News Jax


    New statistics show 32 guns have been stolen from unlocked cars in Jacksonville in the first few weeks of 2019. 

    For some people owning a gun is meant for their protection. However, Action News Jax law and safety expert Dale Carson said if people aren’t careful, they could risk the chance of it ending up in the wrong hands. 

    “You have to know where it is, who has it, who has access to it. It's a responsibility,” Carson said.

    Carson also said he believes some people struggle with a secure place to keep their weapon. 

    “Clearly it's a trend and it's pretty easily solved. If we tell people to take the guns out of their cars and secure their cars, we keep those weapons out of the hands of bad people,” Carson said.

    According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, people have made the mistake of not locking their cars at least 32 times this year.

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    This mistake has given criminals an opportunity to have access to dangerous weapons found in those unlocked cars.

    Furthermore, once weapons are stolen, the owner of the guns are not responsible for the ripple effect that could happen afterward. 

    “The basis for the law in the United States, one, is that if someone steals something from you and uses it to commit a crime it's not your fault,” Carson said. 

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    That's why Carson is urging everyone to listen to JSO when it promotes locking your doors at night to prevent this from happening. 

    “The lesson is here for all of us is that handguns can be dangerous in the wrong hands and we need to do everything we can to secure them and keep them out of the hands of bad people,” Carson said. 

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