• $350,000 donated for more AEDs and CPR training in North Florida

    By: Deanna Bettineschi , Action News Jax


    A hefty donation is putting more of AED (portable defibrillator) where we need them most.

    More than $350,000 was donated to 21 different North Florida public safety organizations.The money comes from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. The money will go to the Michael Namey AED initiative.

    The 18-year-old died last year when he went into sudden cardiac arrest at UCF.Those near him struggled to find the defibrillator.

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    “He never had any symptoms, sudden death was actually the first system,” said  Michael's mother Connie Namey.

    Namey said her friend Sylkia Martinez had the idea to partner with Firehouse Subs to get the initiative going.

    Part of the initiative is to go into schools and educate students on CPR  and how to use an AED.

    “We’re going through different schools private and public and have approached Duval County Public Schools, too,” said Martinez.

    The charitable donation includes both equipment and training.

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    So far 111 AED’s have been given out to different schools and agencies.

    Namey said focusing on the initiative and helping others has helped her family heal. “That was part of getting the initiative started was wanting to help and wanting to help others and prevent other families from having to go through what we went through,” said Namey.

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