9-week-old baby hurt after brick thrown at car during fight in Jacksonville

A 9-week-old baby is recovering after a brick was thrown into the car she was inside of in Jacksonville.

According to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office incident report, Terrance Grace went to a tax business on Myrtle Avenue to collect money from Steve Falls, but that meeting became violent.

“As I went to open the door, he slammed the door in my face,” Grace said.

The report said while the fight was going on, an unknown man threw a brick into Grace’s car, hitting his 9-week-old baby

“He grabbin’ a brick, he goes and throws it in the back, hits her on the head, now she’s bleedin,’ she’s cryin,” Grace said.

Falls admitted to hitting Grace, but said he didn’t throw anything at Grace’s vehicle.

“Friday, after I told him three times, he came up here again," Falls said. "I thought he was going to shoot up my building, so I had to defend my office. So I hit him with the door.”

The JSO report said it’s possible a suspect could be found, but as of right now, no one has been charged.