• AAA: Escape tools provide relief in emergency

    By: Jamarlo Phillips , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Getting out of a submerged car its something you never want to have to endure, but the risk is a reality in Florida.

    It’s a situation no one wants to imagine: You’re behind the wheel, the water is rising and time is running out.


    AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins told Action News Jax bottom line the idea is to imagine you’re in this situation now, so you’re prepared later.

    “In 2017, 21,000 crashes involved a vehicle that either caught fire or became partially or fully submerged, and as a result of that about 1,800 people died,” said Jenkins. 

    It’s important to know the tools you can use to escape. 

    Kathy Parisi has one of her own. 

    “You never know where you’re going to be when you need to crack the window and get out,” said Parisi. 

    Parisi stores her hammer-style tool in her glove compartment.

    “Have you ever had to use your tool? No, thank you Jesus, no. I hope I never have to use but it is in my car just in case I do need it,” Parisi explained. 

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    Researchers tested spring loaded and hammer-style tools against tempered and laminated glass.

    AAA says vehicles with laminated side windows are tougher to break, and could slow your escape.

    “I’m not going to get in a pond. I really don’t need that. I got something in my car to keep my window open,” mentioned one Jacksonville driver.

    How much is that? About $10. Are you selling it? Cheap, I might buy it,” Ramon Capinpin added. 

    Drivers can figure out which kind of glass they have in their windows by checking for a label in the bottom corner of the side window or by contacting their car dealership. 

    You can also buy an escape tool from any department store for about $10.  

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