Abnormal amounts of jellyfish washing ashore on Duval County beaches

When you head to the beach, watch your step because jellyfish line the shore. Both people and pets are curious about the creatures washing up.

“It’s an unusual event, just to see them all like that,” said George Langstaff, a beachgoer.

They want to look, touch, even lick. “She always licks them, and I’m like, 'No,'” said Lilly Kenyon as she walked her dog, Sadie.

“You might see them throughout the year, but there’s definitely times of the year where they peak and I think that’s what we’ve been seeing at the beach,” said Dan McCarthy, professor of biology and marine research at Jacksonville University.

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McCarthy said there could be a number of reasons why we are seeing jellyfish wash up, including the wind.

While they aren’t the prettiest thing to look at for some beachgoers, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said this type of jellyfish, a cannonball, is harmless, but people and pets should use caution. McCarthy said in a month or so we should see fewer of them.