Action News Jax Investigates: Local veterans can continue getting care at Mayo Clinic

Action News Jax Investigates: Local veterans can continue getting care at Mayo Clinic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax investigates looked into a claim that VA patients could no longer receive treatment at Mayo and found that it was not true.

Daniel Sapp has been in the fight for his life for almost a decade. In 2011, the military veteran was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

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And just when he thought the battle was over, "They said it's back and it's back a lot,: Sapp said.

This time, the cancer spread beyond the bladder upping the diagnosis to stage 4.

Sapp has been getting treatment at Mayo Clinic ever since. That is until he says he got a call back in August saying he could no longer go there.

"I was upset a little bit, yeah it upset me, but it really upset her. She was irate," says Sapp.

Sapp's wife Martha went to work calling the VA, Mayo, anybody who would listen. Action News Jax Investigates did too and finally got answers.

We learned that the information Sapp was given was a mistake and according to Sapp, possibly 200 others were told the same thing.

Martha Sapp explains, "Mayo gave us a call and said they would be glad for Daniel to receive treatment there."

"I was tickled. I was very relieved," exclaims Daniel Sapp.

In a statement to Action News Jax, Mayo Clinic says:

An agreement between Mayo, VA and its third-party administrator TriWest has been achieved to meet the immediate care needs of our patients. The agreement is effective Oct. 1, meaning patients who had coverage ending Sept. 30 will be able to continue to receive care at Mayo Clinic without interruption. We appreciate the ongoing collaborative discussions with the VA and TriWest. The agreement also allows new veteran patients identified by the VA as needing Mayo-specific care to also be seen for the duration of the agreement. This interim agreement does not impact the already established Veterans Care Agreement that will allow Mayo to provide dialysis and hospice services in the new program. Patients with questions about coverage should always feel free to contact Mayo Clinic to discuss options.

Martha adds, "We want to get out (the message) that Mayo is continuing to support our veterans and if you were getting treatment or if you need treatment that they will treat you there."

Since finding out the news, Sapp has already continued getting the treatment that he needs.

"We're hopeful or I'm hopeful."


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