Action News Jax joins pilots delivering Jacksonville donations to Great Abaco, Bahamas after Dorian

Ryan Nelson tagged along with local pilots who flew supplies to the storm-ravaged Bahamas.

GREAT ABACO, BAHAMAS — Many in Jacksonville are stepping up to help Bahamians in desperate need of relief.

Action News Jax reporter Ryan Nelson joined ‘Adventures in God's Creation and Island Crisis Flyers on a supply flight to Great Abaco visiting Treasure Cay, Marsh Harbour and Sandy Point.

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Local pilots Jimmy Stockton and Dr. Robert Thousand made the flight to the Bahamas on Saturday, delivering supplies collected in Northeast Florida to those in need by hand.

Nonperishable food, water, baby supplies and more were delivered to survivors after being donated by people in our area.

A Great Abaco woman named Carolyn, who Nelson met in Treasure Cay, says many parts of the island are unrecognizable.

Nelson asked if she could describe the emotion of witnessing the aftermath from Hurricane Dorian.

"Depressed. Depressed," she said. "When I went to the resort where I work, I cried."

Treasure Cay's airport is surrounded by trees stripped bare, many of them snapped in two.

Aircraft flew in nonstop, one after the other, to deliver supplies or fly survivors to their next destination.

Dozens of men, women and children stood in long lines in the stifling tropical heat, hoping to board a flight out of Great Abaco.

Against the backdrop of the gutted immigration terminal at the Treasure Cay airport, the now roofless airport garage packed with donations, downed power lines and rows of cars left unrecognizable, Carolyn says she's choosing to never give up.

"You can't get life back," she said. "But you can rebuild over. That's why they have to be as strong as possible."

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