Action News Jax launches Kid Care Report

Kidcare Report

Action News Jax is launching a new weekly segment, Kid Care Report, Tuesday evening.

Action News Jax anchor Letisha Bereola will host the segment which shows how local day cares are fairing, including latest inspection reports.

Kid Care Report is meant to help parents make informed decisions about their day care options.

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Tune into Action News Jax on CBS47 at 6 p.m. on Tuesday's.

More about Kid Care Report: 

We use The Department of Children and Families Classifications:

Class I Violations: Are the most serious in nature, that results in death or serious harm to a child including abuse or neglect.

Class II: Are less serious in nature than Class I violations and could be anticipated to pose a threat to the health, safety or well-being, although the treat is not imminent. Class II standard violation resulting in death or serious harm to a child shall be increased to a Class I.

Class III: Are less serious in nature than either Class I or Class II violations and pose a low potential for harm to children.