Action News Jax learns new details in mother accused of shoplifting in FDLE report

Protocol followed in jail death

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — An Action News Jax  exclusive, new details about the  day a local mom died inside a Clay County jail.

Action News Jax  has been investigating the death of Michelle Bewley since March.

She was arrested and accused of shoplifting at a Belk department store in Orange Park.

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Action News Jax Courtney Cole learned detention deputies and medical personnel saw Bewley kept taking showers,  screaming, and vomiting inside the cell — the day she died.

On Monday, we got our hands on the 10-page FDLE investigative summary report and learned a member of the medical team inside the Clay County Jail said they knew Bewley was a heroin addict in withdrawal.

Also in this report, an account by an inmate that really caught Cole's attention.

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Bewley died in her cell at the Clay County Detention Center on March 5, 2019.

Detention deputies inside Clay County Jail were supposed to check on, and record her activity every 15 minutes.

In this report, one deputy and two members of the medical team noticed signs of what appeared to be withdrawal from drugs.

On page 2, Deputy Jessica Ledford said Bewley requested medical assistance twice, once for chest pain.

Medical staff and deputies say she was given a shot to calm her down.

On page 3 and 4 of the FDLE report, Deputy Sherri Manassa said three physical checks were performed on Bewley in her cell; she was found unresponsive on the third check.

On pages 6-7 of the investigative summary, Inmate Brittany Wink describes she saw, hinting there may have been a delay in getting medical attention to Bewley.

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Wink told the agency, she heard Bewley say, "Help me, help me," and claimed that Bewley said she "was dying."

Wink also said she heard a "Deputy Jones" tell a "Deputy Allen" that Bewley needed medical attention.

In response, Deputy Allen said: "I'm not taking her to medical right now, she's throwing up. She can wait. She'll be here a few days."

The document didn't criticize any of the officers behavior and doesn't mention any reprimands.

Action News Jax is contacting to the Clay County Sheriff's Office to confirm that.

Bewley is survived by a husband and daughter...she would have been 36-years-old this year.