• Action News Jax reporter has bizarre moment with Corrine Brown while jury deliberates

    By: Lorena Inclan, Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - As jury deliberations drag on in the federal fraud case against former Rep. Corrine Brown, supporters have surrounded her during every legal proceeding.

    A pretty sizeable entourage always follows Brown.

    Since Monday, it’s included her daughter Shantrel Brown, friends, and local faith leaders.

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    She spent most of the day Wednesday at Sweet Pete’s across the street from the federal courthouse, only returning to the courtroom if there was a jury question.

    Keeping in mind she’s under a gag order, Action News Jax decided to ask her some general questions about the very entourage she’s always with.

    It was during that exchange that she touched Action News Jax reporter Lorena Inclan’s cheek, in a very unexpected and strange moment.

    “Corrine I know you can’t talk about the case but what’s it been like having your family here with you throughout this whole process?” asked Inclan.

    “Does it make you feel good having this kind of support around you? You have so many people here for you,” said Inclan.

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    “It includes you,” said Brown as she touched Inclan’s cheek.

    “Anything you want to say to them just in general? I know you can’t talk about the case but anything in general you want to say to them?” asked Inclan.

    Brown only shook her head in response to the last question.

    Brown’s attorney James Smith also declined to answer Action News Jax’s but he didn’t try to touch the reporter’s cheek. 

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