Advanced pediatric heart diagnostics and treatment coming to Jacksonville hospital

Wolfson Children’s Hospital announced Tuesday a new affiliation with UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to bring new pediatric cardiovascular resources to Northeast Florida.

Hospital President Michael Aubin said this collaboration will enhance the specialized pediatric health cardio for patients in the region, with a focus on cardiovascular surgery and recovery methods.

“I love it,” Jessica Emery said. “It’s close by to home, we’re only a 30-minute drive and they do everything here.”

Emery is a mother to a 5-year-old currently receiving chemotherapy for leukemia. She said she is excited to hear her son’s hospital is upgrading, giving him a wide range of resources.

“With any other families with kids who are really needing the treatments, they’re going to have it available to them right here,” Emery said.

Cox Media Group partners in Pittsburgh, WPXI, said UPMC is the largest health care provider in Western Pennsylvania, and conducts cutting-edge research.

In this partnership, Wolfson surgeons will collaborate with UPMC to share techniques, test research and develop new telemedicine resources.

Wolfson is the largest children’s hospital between Atlanta and Orlando. Aubin said they are working to expand on their resources by updating their strategic plan.

“Within the next five years, this will be the largest and most comprehensive children’s hospital in the state,” Aubin said.


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