• Rapist attacked woman sitting on front porch in Springfield neighborhood

    By: Danielle Avitable , Action News Jax


    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said a woman was sitting on her Springfield porch charging her phone when a man held her at knife-point and dragged her before raping her.

    “That’s very concerning, especially having a small daughter,” a neighbor, Zacoria Jones, said.

    Jones walks around her Springfield neighborhood daily with her small children and she said knowing there is a rapist in the area is alarming.

    “I keep my Mace or something on me at all times,” Jones said.

    JSO sent us a composite sketch of the man accused of forcing a woman to have sex with him after showing her a knife and threatening to kill her.

    Action News Jax’s Danielle Avitable caught up with a women’s self-defense trainer 

    “We are looking to escape every time, we don’t want to hang out, we want to get out of there,” trainer Mattie Brown said.

    And in this situation, where a knife was used, Brown said you have to make sure you control the weapon.

    “I push here and control the knife from here, and I can rotate and break his arm, and this is called an arm bar,” Brown said.

    Action News Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson said if you fight back there’s a chance you can get some of your attackers DNA on you, which could help police. 

    Awareness is also key.

    “Be confident in where you walk and how you walk and stay aware,” Brown said.

    Police said the attacker was last seen wearing a yellow polo shirt and blue jeans.

    If you see him, you are urged to call JSO.

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