• Agreement gives new hope to historic home in St. Augustine

    By: Beth Rousseau, Action News Jax


    The house at 32 Granada Street in St. Augustine has boarded windows, peeling paint and might not look like much, but neighbors say it’s what makes St. Augustine special.

    “This town just brings you back to history and the coastline and everything,” Mason Hazen said.

    Preserving the past is a top priority for residents, so many were angry when they learned the house was destined for demolition.

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    “Once they go, they are gone, they don’t come back. Once you do away with a place, it’s lost,” Michael Burke said.

    The city of St. Augustine stepped in.

    The 19th century house was designated a local landmark.

    According to the city, they’ve reached an agreement with the property owner that would restore the building.

    “We are enthralled with the history. We love the way things are being redone to try and keep the flavor of St. Augustine the way it was,” Burke said.

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    The city is working daily to maintain the historic foundation, with a master plan for preservation.

    “I can’t think of another place that puts as much emphasis on history,” Burke said.

    The city said the agreement still needs to go before the board of commissioners.

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