• 'Antiques Roadshow' appraiser visits Silver Creek Senior Living in St. Augustine

    By: Beth Rousseau, Action News Jax


    ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - Zeno Bell has been holding on to his antique cameras since 1958, hoping someday it would be worth some serious cash.

    He tells Action News Jax, "I used to take a lot of pictures with it ... I have a lot of slides for my slide projector that I've taken with this."

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    He's one of dozens that brought prized possessions to Silver Creek Senior Living in St. Augustine on Thursday for "Antiques Roadshow" appraiser Gary Piattoni.

    Piattoni said he examines a number of different qualities on each item.

    "What it's made of, when it was made, who made it, what's the condition. All of these things add up," Piattoni said.

    The senior living center hopes the appraisals will help the elderly cope with necessary downsizing.

    According to a study from the University of Kansas, 30 percent of those over the age of 70 who were surveyed had done nothing to get rid of excess belongings in more than a year.

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    "Folks have to understand what's work keeping, what's worth taking with them, how to downsize," Piattoni said.

    For Bell, this is a fun way to find out if his camera is something worth holding onto.

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