• Arlington Country Day School closes its doors without warning

    By: Brittney Donovan , Action News Jax


    Parents say they want answers after a Jacksonville school closed its doors without warning.

    Arlington Country Day School informed parents Saturday morning that it shut down.

    “I picked up my youngest daughter yesterday and she’s like in tears because her teachers are giving their farewells to students,” Venessa Balan said.

    Balan was among several parents who expressed their concerns about how the closure was communicated.

    “I’m like there’s no way this can happen halfway through,” Chuck Lantz said. 

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    Lantz says his son was a senior at Arlington Country Day. He said he’d been going to the school since seventh grade. 

    “My son is dyslexic,” Lantz said. “There’s no way I can put him back in a public school.”

    Parents said the only notice they got about the closure was an email from the principal Saturday morning. It said the school was closed as of Jan. 26.

    “Why couldn’t they have at least waited until the school year was over?” teacher Joe Bell said.

    He said 250 students were displaced and as many as 25 staff members are without jobs.

    Action News Jax reached out to principal Deborah Condit to find out why the school closed but calls and emails to the school have gone unanswered.

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    “It’s a panic when you don’t know where your child can go to school on Monday,” Grace Williams, Parsons principal and co-owner, said.

    Parsons is right next door to Arlington Country Day. It opened its doors Saturday to help parents consider their options.

    “It’s just a mess,” Balan said. “Very confusing.”

    Action News Jax also reached out to the Florida Department of Education about the closure. A spokesperson said someone will answer our questions Monday.


    -Parsons Christian Academy is working with parents to help them find placement for their children.

    -Cornerstone Christian Academy said it is accepting students in Preschool through 12th Grade and offers free transportation to many convenient areas in the Arlington Community. CCS accepts the Step-Up for Students and John McKay Scholarships. For more information visit csjax.org or call (904) 730-5500.

    -Arlington Community Academy said it is accepting students now and will be open Monday at 7 a.m.

    -Seacoast Christian Academy has been added to the list of schools accepting displaced students. 

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