Arlington residents recieve help after days without power

Hundreds of people in Arlington, received help, Saturday, after spending days in the dark after Hurricane Irma.
Impact Church, Divine Influence Church, Jacksonville University and the city of Jacksonville held a Hurricane Irma relief drive. The organizations passed out clothes, cleaning supplies, food and water to those in the Arlington area who have been affected by Hurricane Irma, living in the Arlington area.
People in that area have gone days without power, but for the first time, are finally seeing some light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
“Hurricane Irma really did a number on us once again just like Matthew did. We had volunteers do the same thing, this year, and it’s bigger and better,” Councilwoman Joyce Morgan said.
“We are really, overwhelmed by the response that people are giving us. We saw people break down in tears, because they literally had no food to eat,” Dr. Joy Herbey with Impact Church said.