• Astronaut encourages Jacksonville students to explore engineering


    Astronaut Nicole Stott is using her experience in space to inspire local students.

    The NASA veteran spent 104 days orbiting the earth, but her success didn’t come without struggle.

    “I didn’t have confidence in myself. Every step of the way I questioned, oh why would they pick me,” Stott said.

    It’s the same challenge women entering the male dominated field of engineering are still facing today.
    Tronisha Vereen, a student at the University of North Florida, says it’s daunting pursuing an industry that’s comprised of only fourteen percent females.

    The school is working to diversify the engineering college and workforce, they’re reaching out to younger students.
    “Sometimes it’s just this tiny little doubt that will sabotage the greatest little things that can happen in your life,” Stott explained.

    Students say in moments of frustration it’s the success of their role models that give them motivation.

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