• At least five businesses, including church vandalized in San Marco

    By: Amber Krycka , Action News Jax


    A man in a bad mood took it out on several San Marco businesses. 

    “It was pointless, it was senseless,” said Chad Munsey, the owner of Bearded Pig. His business was one of the five businesses vandalized early Wednesday morning. His surveillance camera caught a man picking up a piece of metal, and throwing it into Bearded Pig's front window.

    “He literally walked by, looked for something to throw into the window, threw it through the window and kept walking,” said Munsey. 

    About a mile away, Grape and Grain Exchanges’ window was shattered. And the San Marco Movie Theatre’s ticket window was busted. Down the road, there were holes in the windows of a church. Just a few feet away, were the rocks that made those holes. 

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    “It’s Christmas. Why now?” said Jerry Mullings of Grape and Grain Exchange. 

    “Not cool at all,” said Munsey. 

    Nobody knows why this happened. But it has left business owners frustrated. It’s just the latest headache during an already-busy holiday season. 

    “We are just here to work hard. I like to think that we, as the other businesses, are part of the community we’re trying to create a great neighborhood,” said Munsey. 

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