‘It’s miserable as hell,’ residents quarantined at facility with at least one COVID-19 case

Coronavirus hits the vulnerable

MACCLENNY, Fla. — Nursing homes across the state are on lockdown, working to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Duval County is second in the state in the number of coronavirus cases at long-term care facilities.

In Baker County, four of their five cases are at those homes.

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Action News Jax confirmed one case from a Macclenny facility where a resident tells us she’s stuck in her room for her protection.

“They got us all on lockdown, might as well say, quarantined in our rooms,” said Bessie Goble, 56, of the Macclenny Nursing and Rehab Center. “And we can’t go out of our rooms. We have to wear our masks.”

“They’re saying it’s the only thing they can do until this stuff is over with,” Goble added. “And they’re saying it could be months. Pardon my French, it’s miserable as hell.”

In a statement, the facility said in part, “We continue every precaution to minimize the spread of the virus and remain focused on our residents and staff.”

Earlier this week, Action News Jax told you a Department of Health command center was set up at Camellia at Deerwood in Jacksonville, where we know of at least seven confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Goble said she can only take so much of this.

”Come next month I am leaving, virus or no virus,” Goble said.

Gov. Ron DeSantis stopped all visitors at nursing homes until at least mid-April.

Read the facility’s full statement here.

As everyone has been made aware, the coronavirus is a very dangerous virus, especially in the elderly. We continue to work in collaboration with and appreciate the additional support with our local health department, state agencies and continue to follow the department’s directive. We are unable to provide any information due to resident and or staff privacy and have been informed that the Department of Health will be providing updates specific to cases throughout the community. We continue to take every precaution to minimize the spread of the virus and remain focused on our residents and staff.

We want to convey our deepest concern for those who have been diagnosed positive for coronavirus; our thoughts are with them and their loved ones at this challenging time.

The center continues to monitor every resident and staff member, has on-going communications with the local health department and state agencies, and is taking every effort necessary in an attempt to minimize the spread of this dangerous virus.

Center leadership and staff have been vigilant in the efforts to keep our residents safe and take significant measures to limit the spread of the virus. We continue to follow CDC guidelines and adhere to all protocols for pre-screening residents prior to any admission, continued monitoring of all residents, screening of staff and continued compliance with infection control techniques and personal protective equipment recommendations.

We fully recognize how difficult this time is for our residents and for their loved ones; their safety is our utmost concern. We continue working in conjunction with all appropriate authorities, we are doing everything we can to minimize the risk of exposure to all of our residents and our staff and will continue to take every effort necessary until the coronavirus threat has subsided. Thank you.