We are constantly assessing’: Baker County School District responds to Friday football crowd

No changes to be made to Friday night football in Baker County

BAKER COUNTY, Fla. — The Baker County School district announced no immediate changes would be made following Friday night’s football game.

Video posted on Action News Jax’s Twitter page shows limited social distancing and face coverings at the home opener.

“I didn’t think it was going to be packed like that, but it got out of hand. I don’t think they meant for it to be like that,” Darren Robinson said. He was at the game to watch his son play.

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Signs remind spectators to keep social distancing and it’s ‘highly recommended’ that they wear a mask, but it is not required. The Baker County School district said the game is also streamed online to keep attendance low.

“We want folks to make really good decisions for themselves and decide whether they feel comfortable,” David Crawford, the Director of Auxiliary Services, said.

Action News Jax asked Crawford if there is limited capacity in the stands, he said yes, but did not give an exact percentage. He said the district did cut off ticket sales.

While crowds caused concern for some, other neighbors were proud to see the support.

“Everybody bands together, we want to support our kids. We want them to experience things, grow and learn teamwork,” Char-Marie Jewell, a Baker County mother, said. “The kids were allowed to feel like they were back to normal life again.”

Baker County takes on Orange Park at its first away game of the season on Friday.