Baptist Health doctor answers your COVID-19 vaccine questions

Coronavirus: Answering your COVID-19 vaccine questions

As more and more people receive the COVID-19 vaccine, experts say it will slow the spread and ultimately lower the number of cases — meaning transmission will also go down.

But there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine: Do I get it? How long will it last? Will this be an annual thing?

Action News Jax’s Meghan Moriarty took your questions to Dr. Elizabeth Ransom, a medical expert from Baptist Health, to get you answers.

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Here are some key takeaways:


After receiving the second dose of the vaccine and between the 90-day mark, you’ll have high immunity. When you move past the the 90-day mark, your immunity can start to dwindle. It’s unclear whether you’ll need a booster shot and we’ll know more over the next coming months.

When it comes to immunity — that’s being constantly evaluated.


If you’re exposed to the virus and you’re fully vaccinated, you probably don’t have to quarantine. “The recommendation coming out of the CDC state that if you meet three criteria than you do not need to quarantine and those criteria are that you have had both doses and at least two weeks after the second dose. Also, that you don’t have any symptoms and you’re within three months of having the second dose,” Ransom said. “If you meet those three criteria, than you don’t need to quarantine.”

If you’re exposed to the virus after receiving only one dose, does that take away from the first dose at all? Dr. Ransom says no. “Hopefully there’s already some immunity that’s developed.”

Those who are still waiting on their second dose of the vaccine—you’ll need to be a little more cautious. “If there’s a known exposure, even if you’ve had one dose, people need to follow the same precaution as if they hadn’t had any vaccine at all and that means quarantine,” Ransom said.


According to Dr. Ransom, research has been going on for 20 years around messenger RNA vaccines. “So the scientist were able to leverage all that research that’s already been done to really ramp up the pace for the vaccine development. It is safe and no corners were cut.”

Moriarty asked: “When we get a better idea of when it wears off, what’s next? Do we know right now on if someone got both their doses now, come the summer time, should they be trying to get another vaccine?”

Ransom said, “I don’t think so because we just don’t have the definitive answers for how long immunity lasts. As time goes on here and more and more people vaccinated, the science will tell us what happens there.”

Watch the full interview below:

Full interview: Baptist Health doctor answers your COVID-19 vaccine questions