Bill proposes dog-petting while driving be made illegal in Florida

A new proposal in a Florida law could make it illegal to pet your dog while driving.

A bill recently filed in the Florida Senate would ban interaction with pets when behind the wheel.

Driver Samantha Williams said, “It would be kind of hard because you still have to deal with them like a kid kind of, so that’d be hard.”

In a AAA survey 52% of people said they have pet their dog while driving 29% admitted they were distracted by their animal.

The proposed legislation doesn’t just take aim at pets, it redefines distracted driving to include more than mobile devices.

Reading, writing and applying makeup while driving would be against the law.

Dog owner Jim Benton told Action News Jax, “That’s a tough one because it’s almost like texting and driving.”

The bill would also make distracted driving a primary offense, meaning you could be pulled over if you’re seen petting your pup behind the wheel.

According to the legislation, it would save lives on Florida roads.

Many feel their animals aren’t distractions.

Benton described, “As long as I’m driving safely, there’s really no reason for them to have a say.”

Lawmakers are expected to address the bill in March when they return to session.


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