Body found at 'house of horrors' identified as young woman

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Police said remains found at a Jacksonville home belonged to a young woman.

Officials wrapped up a search Friday of what neighbors called a “house of horrors” on the Southside, where the body was found last week.

Police said they do not yet know the identity of the woman, but believe she was between teen-aged and 30 years old.

They also said she had shoulder-length brown hair at the time of her death.

The only sign left of the more than week-long investigation is a chilling memorial. A wreath of flowers draped with a banner said, "For the ones that didn't make it out."

The home belongs to Russell Tillis, who is already in jail for other crimes.

Police spent days searching his property, even digging in his backyard looking for more bodies.

Officers locked the gate and the final crime scene van drove away Friday.

The last investigator at the scene Friday told Action News Jax they’re done searching the home.

He said he spent the day searching the yard with a ground penetrating radar, a tool that helps officers see if there is a cavity or a hole in the ground that’s been covered with dirt.

“I’m sure that they’ll come to grips with everything and get all the pieces together. I’m pretty sure of that,” said neighbor Valerie Williams.

Neighbors said they’re glad they won’t see a crime scene at the home anymore.

“It’s upsetting to see all that,” said neighbor Patricia Lashley. “No telling what they’re finding. There’s just no telling.”

Officers do not believe people in the area are in any danger.