• BRUNSWICK: City to bring in goat rentals to help mitigation efforts

    By: Lindsey Nolen


    COLLEGE PARK, Fla. - As part of the ongoing mitigation efforts for College Park, the City of Brunswick will be bringing goats to designated areas with 'Get Your Goat Rentals.'

    These areas were chosen for the goats because they are difficult for regular machinery, such as mowers and weed eaters, to properly clear the area. Goats thrive on poison ivy, poison oak, kudzu, blackberries, vines and briers.


    The estimated arrival of the goats will be Monday, June 3. They will be located along the ditch that runs parallel to Spur 25.

    Please note the goats will be contained in an electric fence and have livestock guardian dogs that will accompany the goats to protect them.

    While these dogs are friendly, they are not your typical house dogs, and are concentrating herding and protecting the goats from snakes, stray dogs and other predators. While they are not aggressive, please do not try to feed or pet these animals unsupervised.

    Additionally, staff for the goats will be around throughout the day to continuously check on the goats and the area.

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