Georgia man arrested for exposing himself to a minor and dozens of women on social media

Brunswick man arrested for exposing himself to many local women

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — A Brunswick man is behind bars after police said he was exposing himself to women and even a child through social media.

Tuesday the Brunswick  and Glynn County police worked together to arrest James Dylan Wiggins for harassing and exposing himself to women on social media.

Brooke Clark was one of more than 20 women who told police they, too, were being harassed.

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Clark said this has been going on for a while, and that man would use Facebook messenger to call women and video chatting them through the app.

"It just hasn't been a recent thing it's been going on for about three or four years. It's not even just the people that have come forward and went to police, he's done it to several other people too," Clark said.

Police said he went by JD Wiggins on social media he would call people through Facebook messenger and expose himself by masturbating. This week he allegedly did the same thing to a minor.


That's why he was arrested and charged with child molestation and pornography or obscene material.

Police said when Wiggins often got blocked he would create another page and call again.

Clark is just glad to see he's finally been arrested.

"For a long time coming he needed to be behind bars. He needs to get help serious help," Clark said.

People can prevent this from happening by disabling the option to receive video or voice calls. However, you have to do it through the desktop version of Facebook messenger app.

Police are still asking anyone else who has been a victim of being harassed by Wiggins to contact the Glynn County Police Department.

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